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2013年10月28日 (月)

A hint of sweetness

The campus came Camellias in quiet, it, white as snow like pure pink, such as youth blooming, red like old wine glycol warm. Now, in the little bit of rain water baptism, gardenia is blooming with its creamy white, moist soft petals, fresh air. In addition to the sweet dust atmosphere, this time with the faint scent of gardenias not much, if any, with the cool breeze blows into the classroom, blowing us had agitated brain, make we immediately refreshed, play and listen carefully, perhaps is the window of the rain falls on the leaves of voice, perhaps the teacher recited at the podium poetry melodious voice, perhaps our heart to high three sigh and secretly on soundhome organizers......

Class time campus is a quiet dream girl, occasionally give a low balderdash. Triangle plum rain Qin through, playing in the water, is the charm of the purple. The teaching downstairs Kim is out of its branches and leaves, dark green, light green, light green color huddled together, waiting for a season of falling leaves bloom her graceful. Kim at the end of the stone carving is gross body "Qinyuanchun snow", uninhibited style to have the momentum majestic a daring. The pale stone after the rain, revealing a gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind of the Obsidian black, green dotted along this clump. Guang Yulan mast is tough leaves, rain and the impact from the crisp sound, the rain is still in a slow and graceful posture with. I always like the rain, everything around seemed to be moist, faded sharp shell, no longer so overbearing, it will be the most gentle side show in this cool humid rainy day. Everything is so harmonious and beautifuNo 1 Phone Casel!

Standing in the football field a piece of green package, step on the soft rubber, the distance is a Jinsha River in the dwarf mountain torrent rain to the east of hazy picture. The rain also revitalizing our eyes, so that we can see clearly in the hazy beauty. Who says that only the Jiangnan region of rivers and lakes is a gentle beautiful woman, in a remote small town the cement, the rain has softened its back, let it to a lazy attitude to show the world it's another beautiful. The Western Grand Canyon hot jet by warm water, more add its misty. She was also a lilac, nodes with melancholy girl, she, wandering in the long distant lonely river.

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