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2013年11月 1日 (金)


The sky. Thin clouds. The wind lightsteel storage cabinets.

Haughty. Indifference. Carelesswaterproof iphone case.

On the heights of the city. See clearwittspartners.

The lowest point in the city. View the impermanence.

Confession of pain, pain.

Every town just ordinary city, was just the man.

Yes, however. Yes, start. However, the end of.


People are hurrying to and fro. Do not care about, don't ask, do not look, do not hesitate. So often.

The accident change. Not persistent, not radical, not confused, not grief. The habit is the on.

The sun as usual, warm into the heart. No burning, no cooling. Just over there. But here, suddenly near or far, put people into a secular. Poor heart dream, poor, poor poor. Often find reason to find comfort, actually why, who can really, who is false. Show, everything, is true. See, can feel, is the truth of the existence of the. Why, why do you.

Yes, start......

Chinese herbaceous peony. Bitter, flat, non-toxic.

"Peony and graceful, beautiful appearance. The grass look graceful, so that name."

Women's mouth gently up, nose wrinkled. End up coffee, eyes still staring at a computer screen to see N+1 on Peony encyclopedia, drink have long been accustomed to the taste. Wondering exactly you want to see something different...... With this little space in the music is "love in a romantic dance".

"Is this the two, which is better?" Man Ray clean rings.

Peony like this sound. From the bar raised his head, because of the sun's glare, closes his eyes, secretly opened one eye small gaps, from peeping.

The sun glare, men's hair, thin body, beautiful, look not clear face. Made into a video, in the light of the shadow is, just image.

Chao Xian how not to? Dead girl, overslept. Peony and gently thinking......

"Hello, want what kind of?" Peony asked with a smile. A long familiar face. On 9 centimeters black high heels not tight not busy man went to. 9 point half, the first guests today.

"A little better." Man's one Leng, appearing in the words of light frowning and seems to exist uncertainty.

Distance. The shadow is not see.

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