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2013年12月10日 (火)

The side of the mountain

Wei rain and waves no signs to know. A mid-term exam, Wei Yu the whole grade first, the first full year of mathematics. Teachers soon remember them, and the two of them will remember each other. One is that they are the teacher points to the front deskTeny Wu.

Wei Yu is a exudes classic breath girl, long hair and waist, the fond gazing of a beauty. But the facial features, but has a solution doesn't open the sorrow. She is a wild, undisciplined be by nature unconventional and straight forward, handsome boy. The waves like Wei rain "with a smile", he always secretly with sitting at the front desk of this rain long hair, and agreed that this is to ask questions. "Oh, no way to really get you!" Wei Yu semi - although half, but still smiling, because Wei Yu feel very warm, never had the feeling of warmth. The waves like asked Wei Rain Chinese problem and historical topics, and Wei rain like Q waves of maths and physics problems. Then they answered seriously, the teacher effort told a morning didn't understand the question, even each other a few words to speak as clear as noonday, do a good, hee hee, odd! Since then, she remembered Tao Yuanming and Cao Xueqin, and Wei rain remember Li Zhengdao and Chen Ning YangSamsung Galaxy Note 3 Cases.

After meeting a week, after school, two people riding a bike slowly, the students are anxious to return, they do not hurry, just to say a few words. She asked Wei rain live, "in Tao Yuanming 'picking chrysanthemums Dongli" second half sentence, I test you!" Wei Yu simmer with laughter. This rain has reserved, never and people joke too. "Oh, the original is the mountain community! Ha ha, we are on the way! I can remember this poem, you know I hate to recite the poemAsian college of knowledge management, poetry appreciation has a problem is zero." She said excitedly. "You live in Nanshan?" Wei Yu concern. "No, I mean the way, not the way." "Well, what do you also chew up? Ha ha ha. Your home is where to live? Please tell me!" "I lived in the sea --" deliberately voice dragged "over the hill", "bad bad laugh. "The other side of the mountain...... Yes, North Garden?" "Yes, you are so clever! Then we can walk to school together, don't take your girlfriend go well?" She begged. "No, you go your way, I go mine." Wei Yu shy...... See Wei rain face some red, Haitao think Wei Yu charming, the heart actually Dong Dongdong to bounce up. "Yes, I have a telescope, you do not like to see the stars in the sky? You can take my telescope, you can't remember the constellation names package you remember!" She was very quick witted, change the subject. "That is too good!" Wei Yu smiled. "The side and get telescope at mount...... He saw me! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha "" you are really bad!" Two people laugh so heartily, Wei Yu's laughter forever imprinted on the mind. That year, Yamahana brilliant, gentle moonlight......

"You don't know, you laugh have much beautiful! Don't frown brow if, like a good sister always melancholy and moody? You know, there are many people care about you! Happy good?" Haitao said affectionately. "......" This rain has an impulse to cry, at 16 years old, has never been so to speak to her. "The full paper self pity problem in resentment," who tell your solution." Wei Yu first sent the boys cards, write on the lines of print.

98 years of the Leonid meteor shower, the two agreed to by two together. Wei Yu really up, a meteor across the moment, his hands clasped together, make a wish. The second day early in the morning, before we know the meteor shower comes ahead of schedule, the two have not "prosperous moment". "You see meteor showers?" She smiled and asked. "Up, what you say ah! Now you see the hand is frozen didn't slow!" "No, it was so cold last night, I look up all the freezing cold!" "Hey, Xu with a wish?" "It can not tell you!" Wei Yu smile charming. "You? Xu with a wish?" "Don't you tell me, how can I tell you?" The waves of bad smile......

The end of the college entrance examination, two people do not have to go their own way, a test on the Hebei Polytechnic Institute of biological science, is admitted to a university Chinese system. Two people go home only cold summer vacation to rare. Wei Yu become stand gracefully erect, and the waves more manly. Two people have never said a word "love", is in the "write book" letter, Haitao epoch-making art, began to depict their joy van son mood.

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