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2013年12月17日 (火)

Waiting itself is a mistake

She likes to think of himself as a fish, because the fish only six seconds of memory, she likes to live be light of heart from care but heartless life. He likes to think of himself as the leaves, because when the wind leaves can drift with the wind, he likes the feeling of wanderingTeny Wu.

After graduating from high school fish with leaves together, two people seem to understand life, know each other well, an action, or even a look, the other side can understand. Leaves often jokingly said: you said we two such understanding, Is it right? Because we are husband and wife? Then the fish will always reveal a silly smilehair loss treatment.

Happy days are always too short, soon the end of summer, fish received the admission notice of Xi'an, while the leaves to go to Nanjing University, respectively, before each other no about each other out, as were always so sad. The fish before going aboard a train to Xi'an leaves left a letter, said that we were first separated, we graduated together, and if we are still single we marrysmartone. The leaves after reading the letter not sad, because he believed that the fish in this life only belongs to him, he believes the fish between the feelings, he believes he is in love with fish, but now with a bit of hate. During the University, the fish will always call the leaves, as he complain, or her university inside the story to listen to the leaves, always listen to the fish, the way to tell some jokes, make her happy. So quietly spent four years, fish graduation returned to his hometown, but leaves outside still. Fish asked leaves, you are ready to what time will you come back? The leaves will always say that first in the outside wanderer wanderer. In fact, the leaves are afraid of fish with his hard-working, leaves to make fish can live a good life!

Just two years later, the leaves still in the struggle, just hard place to move to his hometown, the leaves so that you can often see the fish. In an afternoon leaves received fish phone, two people to Coffee hall, or as in the past familiar feeling. Just say: I want to get married, yesterday brought the marriage certificate, I hope you can come to the wedding. The leaves are silent, he closely watching fish eyes, want from her eyes discover what, only to see a stubborn. The fish said: I have so hard to love you, even with you again painstakingly again tired I would, but you never give me any a promise, I can't wait, I'm tired! For a long time, leaves said: "he to you?" Fish said: "very good! You are good to me!" Leaves nodded, unable to speak, just quietly watching the fish, just feel that the dark days, heart with thousands and thousands of words but always can not open the mouth. The leaves to tell the fish, his first love is the fish; the leaves to tell the fish, I now very quickly stabilized, we soon will be able to live together; the leaves to tell the fish, I love you very much; the leaves to tell the fish, single for so many years now, but also to you. Just don't open in one second before the leaves up, because he knows everything has passed, she has gone, will never come back again.

Time flies, suddenly fell in the evening, the leaves: go home, late family will worry about you. Downstairs, says: "can hold me again?" The leaves of silence, just opened his hands clinging to the fish, very hard. But no longer heard the word before the fish often said: easy, so I can't catch my breath!

Are always so worried people, but can not be avoided, bid farewell to the fish, leaves silently walk in the hustle and bustle of the street, suddenly feel homeless, because she took my soul. Pick up the mobile phone of the information to the fish: I wish you happiness.

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