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2014年1月21日 (火)


I soak a cup of green tea, the music into the soft music, the heart is very soft, very quiet. Smell the flowers, I stole this half day is not easy, probably be per year. But never mind, I am willing to. So, don't want to go to bed early, although the warm bed is very attractivefashion women clothing wholesale.

Another year has passed, this year, I added a ring. This is probably the classic sentence, if you don't come, how can I go? Do not know that there, with looking forward to whatManaged Cloud?

Really do not want this quickly old, so hard to keep the pure heart. Like a child like crazy, like a child like a, like a child, crying, like a child like laugh...... Then can't help love a child, simply to like what I like

People are longing for a romantic, so give your love life this argument. Chairman Mao said, sparks of fire can start a prairie fire ", we say, own sowing, and then again to repeat word for word what others say to follow suit.

2013 of the 365 day, there are a lot of long story, about the pig, the girl, on the pigs and the girl and...... In the two years, I know we are in each other's heart, at best, but is with a pencil sketch, in a casual times come, is the time, years of relentless away river. This year, but this year will be the name of our deeply engraved in each other heart. So I'm grateful 2013:

These 365 days, we will build a millionaire. The spirit is not rich, the daughter also to fill the hearts of the gully. You gave me a lot, is the intangible wealth, all from my heart of happiness.

This year, we have been to some places, because hold your hand, so they are landscapes;

This year, we have seen many movies, because sitting next to you, so they are classic;

This year, we have had many meals, because sitting opposite you, so they are Food;

This year, we received a gift, because with each other's heart, so they only precious;

This year, we have made many uncomfortable, because each other dearly, so they are growing love notes;

And the lot you have not done or usual disdain to do things, all in all, it is the source of my happiness. In fact, in our world, happiness is everywhere. You heard me call you pig, I felt very happy; and I, when I heard you call my girl, the heart also will become very soft. I always believe, love a person is to be most willing to can't help. Three words: I love you, most people move time, that moment is not simply from the mouth, but when coming out from the bottom of my heart. Suddenly feel myself very well. I used the full see the smiling eyes of the world, found that for a great life, but people myself like the gyro rotation does not stop, they probably don't know what you lost? Oh, perhaps because the helpless and can only see their lost......

Often think they Is it right? A good man, because everyone says that the good life of peace. I am eager to own when a man at the same time, but also play the role of the bad guy, still the usurpation of happiness. Inner frantic struggle, sometimes let your breath, so I walked 13, the next 14, can safely through? 1314 all past, is really an eternity? If we could make it through, I don't want to go back to my past, send me to the future, I want to have a look, in my old at the moment, the man in front of me will be who?

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