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2017年11月17日 (金)

Eating overnight food is harmful to human health

Many families put away the overnight food and eat it tomorrow. But it's dangerous to eat overnight. Take a look at the hazards of overnight food and how to deal with the overnight dish clinique fresh pressed.

The danger of eating overnight food

Overnight food produces deadly nitrites. Some of the overnight dishes, especially the leafy greens overnight, are not only nutritionally high, but also produce disease-causing nitrites. Storage of vegetables by nitrite generation along with the extend the storage time and temperature increase, and if put vegetables in the refrigerator cold storage (2-6 degrees Celsius), is the less nitrite increases.

Different types of vegetables are different in size. Different kinds of vegetables are different in the same storage condition. Usually, stem leafy vegetables are the highest, and the melon vegetables are slightly lower, and the root and cauliflower are in the center. Therefore, if you buy different kinds of vegetables at the same time, you should start with stems and leaves, such as cabbage, spinach, etc. If you are prepared to cook more dishes the next day, you should try to avoid the leafy vegetables and choose the melon.

The treatment of the overnight dish

1. Don't leave any leftover vegetables

People often worry about losing nutrition and unhealthy food. From both sides, vegetarian dishes are not as reassuring as meat dishes. It is well known that overnight dishes often have an excess of nitrite. Nitrite itself is poisonous, in the stomach and protein meeting, can produce carcinogenic substance nitrosamine. Data show that 80% of the nitrite intake comes from vegetables. The prepared vegetarian dishes are at a higher temperature, and the content of nitrite increases clinique vitamin c .

In addition, vegetable nutrition is more likely to be lost. This is because there are usually dozens of nutrients in a food, including water-soluble vitamins, such as vitamins C and E. The nutritional value of vegetables is reflected in the rich vitamins. Therefore, the reheated vegetable has a serious nutritional loss.

2. Cover the refrigerator with a cool plastic wrap

The overnight dish is not absolutely cannot eat, the preservation condition must pay special attention, should be refrigerated immediately after cool thoroughly. Cooling can be caused by the sudden entry of hot food into a low-temperature environment. The heat of the food causes the water vapor to condense, causing the mold to grow, thus causing the food in the refrigerator to change. After cold, should put in the freezer in time, even in the winter, also don't spend long time outside, because the refrigerator has certain bacteriostatic effect.

Different overnight dishes must be stored separately to avoid cross-contamination of bacteria. It also needs to be kept in a clean container, such as a fresh box, a fresh bag, or a wrap plate with a plastic wrap.

3. Seafood with ginger, garlic, garlic and vinegar clinique fresh pressed

In addition to proper storage, reheating is the key to health. The overnight dish is stored in the fridge, and must be cooked at a high temperature before eating. Because low temperature can only inhibit bacterial reproduction, not kill bacteria thoroughly.

Different overnight dishes, the heating also has its own skills: in the overnight dish, it is the most resistant to fish and shrimp crab, even if it is stored at low temperature, it can produce bacteria and easily deteriorate. Therefore, when heating, it is better to add more wine, spring onion, ginger, garlic and other condiments, not only can mention fresh, also have certain bactericidal action, can prevent to cause stomach upset.

« Rachel Roddy’s recipe for braised beef ragu | トップページ | Diabetes causes sexual disharmony »






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